Why you should join the GCS Knowledge Hub

Blog post by Jonathan Sleight and Sarah Cottrill, GCS Insight and Evaluation Team

Thursday 30 May 2019

GCS Knowledge Hub is the new knowledge-sharing group for government communicators.

Jonathan Sleight and Sarah Cottrill, GCS Insight and Evaluation Team

It’s an innovative online community aimed at sharing insight, best practice and case studies, and learning from each others’ experience to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government communication.

Alex Aiken set GCS the challenge of raising its standards over 2019, driven by the Accelerate digital training programme, the Year of Marketing initiative, and the GCS2020 programme. Knowledge Hub is one of the simplest ways GCS members can raise the standards of their communications, through accessing insight from colleagues across government.

Anyone with a .gov.uk email address can join Knowledge Hub – here are four reasons why you should sign up today:

1) Free access to a wealth of insight

The Knowledge Hub houses a huge amount of fantastic free insight and tools that can be used to help shape and improve your campaign.

2) Ask the GCS community

If you are planning a campaign or thinking of commissioning research, the Forum is a great place to understand if anything similar has been done across government before. Be sure to sign up to the weekly Knowledge Hub updates to ensure you don’t miss out.

3) Driving best practice

Not only does the Knowledge Hub house great free insight, it also offers training documents and links to external content demonstrating industry best practice to help up-skill communicators at all levels. Look in the Omni Academy folder for guidance on the media landscape and channel learnings, or the Public Resources Tab for links to external content.

4) Promoting your department

Knowledge Hub was created to be an online community – which means you can use it to promote your department and your work. You can post about job opportunities or events you have coming up and connect with communicators across government.

So sign up today by visiting https://khub.net/group/gcs-knowledge-hub or emailing insight@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

If you’re interested in learning more about the Knowledge Hub, register for our event – Using Insight to Build Great Campaigns – on the 3 of June in London and hear from speakers from Public Health England, Department for Work and Pensions and NHS Blood and Transplant on how they used insight to run some of the most exciting campaigns in government.