Leadership Lunch & Learn

Blog post by Jessie Beham

Tuesday 14 February 2017

This month sees the launch of a new series of ‘Leadership Lunch & Learn' events, designed to share expertise and experience amongst developing leaders across GCS in an informal, discursive environment. What’s more, they fit into a lunch hour.

Founded in the belief that we should all take time for self-reflection as leaders, these events are aimed at GCS members who lead in any capacity, be it a whole team or part of a project.

The first session will look at how to get the best out of people; team leaders face pressures on their budgets and the other resources available to them. The environment they work in and the deadlines they have to meet affect the decisions they make, and they have to rely on the people who work for them to get the job done well. So how can we meld a collection of individuals into a cohesive team that wants to achieve the same things as us? How do we set parameters and give them space? How do we instil team values, manage the highs and lows, and maintain the sense of momentum about where we’re going as a team? On Friday 24 February, use your lunch hour to be part of this discussion, led by graduates of the Inspire senior talent programme at 70 Whitehall. Sign up here.

Future ‘Leadership Lunch & Learn’ sessions will focus on tips for leading in times of change, balancing varied demands, and skills exchanges. If you’d be interested in leading a session, please contact jessie.beham@faststream.civilservice.gov.uk. Be reminded of future GCS events by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, visit the GCS Leadership Hub for more ways to build your leadership skills. including various tools, courses and signposts to useful websites and resources.

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