Improving government communications: GCS 2020

GCS 2020 is the improvement programme to ensure our profession delivers future best practice. Our mission is to make the best, standard.

We need to keep improving government communications and make sure our professional practice continues to deliver an exceptional standard of world-class communication. We also want to build fulfilling careers for our practitioners.

This is essential work. Science, technology and society are changing at an exciting and sometimes bewildering pace. Resources have to be managed and we need more complex skills and better leadership to meet these challenges.

Every day, our aim is to make the best, standard. This means we must continually improve our practice to serve the people, business and communities of the UK.

You can also read more about the history of improving the GCS.

Four projects

The GCS 2020 improvement programme is made up of four projects covering leadership, standards, people and scale. Its goal is to create tangible improvements to the way we work, creating an even more effective and efficient GCS.

Leadership – Leading the Communication Profession:

  • defining and embedding the leadership vision for the profession to take us into the 2020s
  • increased leadership skills in all our leaders

Standards – Delivering Excellence:

  • defining and assuring quality
  • increased impact from GCS Functional standard
  • better induction for those joining GCS, including a welcome pack
  • a better GCS website

People – Our People:

  • a comprehensive career guide covering pathways and development within the GCS
  • more efficient recruitment which brings fresh and diverse talent into areas of greatest need
  • a workforce skills strategy

Scale – Maximising my Scale

  • ‘Beacon teams’ and professional champions sharing expertise and best practice
  • more consistency on how GCS drives cross-Government issues
  • audience insight and research made highly visible, and at the forefront of GCS work


Phase 1 of the GCS2020 Programme ran from June 2019 to April 2020, successfully delivering fourteen new tools and products which have been added to the GCS Canon of Professional Practise.

Phase 2 of the GCS2020 Programme is scheduled to commence in October 2020

Between May and September 2020, the focus will be on fully embedding the new tools into the business.


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