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Boost your communication skills and knowledge with our free courses and learning resources, as part of our curriculum. Topics include external affairs, internal communications, marketing, media, and strategic communications.

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To book your course or access our content, you need to:

  • be a government communicator, part of the Government Communication Service (GCS)
  • ask the development adviser in your department for the GCS password or contact us to know their details: (it is the same password to book events and to watch webinars)

Learn and develop

The majority of our courses are delivered by internal trainers from across departments and organisations. Check your learning pathway with our curriculum then record your activities in your personal development plan (PDP).

Civil Service Live 2021 replay

Watch the sessions suggested for communicators from this year’s event, replay available until 17 September.

Civil Service Live 2021 logo

Digital accessibility

Find out what a truly inclusive and accessible Civil Service looks like – and how to make that happen for our colleagues and the public:

Behaviour change

How behavioural science can support campaign or intervention planning to mitigate where there may be a potential negative impact:


Taking you behind the scenes, giving you a unique insight into Government Communications inform and engage the public in a crisis:

Government communication

Alex Aiken explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the important role the profession plays, locally and nationally:

On-demand webinars

Watch our on-demand webinars and get 2 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, for each viewing.

Civil Service Live replay

Communications: saving lives, delivering priorities

Behind the scenes: Large cross-government campaigns

Good intentions, unexpected results: unintended consequences and inequalities

Think inclusion: communicating with all


– Developing your emotional intelligence

– Introduction to project management

– How to manage and improve difficult relationships

– How to run a great training session

– Leadership masterclass: collaborative leadership           

– Leadership masterclass: connected leadership 

– Leadership masterclass: creative leadership      

– Leading diverse teams  Leading diverse teams

– Making the values of your organisation stick

– My tips for resilience with Simon Baugh

– Showing vulnerability as a leader

– Working with special advisers and ministers     

External affairs

– Introduction to external affairs

Internal communication

– The role of internal communications in business change

– Creating a communications plan for a senior leader   

- The importance of listening: from measurement to meaning

– Introduction to internal communication                                                        

– Introduction to internal communications with Russell Grossman 

Strategic communication

– Communicating locally

– Devolution for Communicators

– Engaging stakeholders and influencers using digital tools

– How to plan for a major event

– Strategic Communications with Clara Eaglen

– Introduction to strategic communication           

– Introduction to strategic partnerships     


– Media series

– Introduction to modern media operations

– Lessons from Washington Embassy

– Secrets of speechwriting


– Cognitive behavioural therapy and marketing

– How to set up your campaign objectives using the OASIS model

– Social and search listening 101

– The art of a brand

– Union and devolution communications                               

Diversity and Inclusion

– Digital accessibility for government communicators      

– Digital accessibility: best practice essentials

– Inclusive design 101 with Christina Mallon   

Behaviour change

– Using behavioural science to communicate strategically (COM-B)   

For everyone

– Introduction to government communications with Alex Aiken

– Introduction to the Functional Standard, the bedrock of communication

– Resilience: How to keep yourself going in challenging times



Many of our podcasts are about crisis communication but also cover marketing and disinformation.

Listen to podcasts recordings

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Professional bodies webinars

Watch webinars for free or access resources for a discount through bodies we partner with, such as the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and the Market Research Society (MRS). Professional bodies details

Day course with GCS

This course is available, keep checking our calendar for new start dates: Citizen experience

Online courses with GCSI

2 August 2021 update: due to development work the following courses will resume in the Autumn

We work in partnership with the Government Communication Service International (GCSI) team to offer online modular courses to GCS members. 

When you sign up you must commit to the full duration of the course; between 5 to 8 weeks, depending on which course you sign up for. Modules are released week by week and you can finish them at your own pace provided this is within the timeframe allowed for the whole course. We will advertise the next course dates through our normal communication channels.

The courses available are:


Comms exchanges

Live online virtual events, Comms Exchanges are regular opportunities to learn about innovation and best practices in government communications, as well as share insight, ideas and knowledge. Check the calendar for the next one.

OmniGov event

Ensuring Media Campaigns are Diverse & Inclusive for Better Results

  • Wednesday 11 August (12pm to 1:00pm)
  • Topics include OmniGOV’s D&I approach to audience targeting, approach to paid media planning, showcasing leaning from D&I case studies, and a panel session on the future of D&I. 
  • To register email Georgie Hutchings at
Course/Event Start End
Academy: Advanced behavioural science for communicators
This webinar will expand on the techniques taught in the introductory webinar, building on participant’s knowledge of the COM-B model.
Wednesday 4 August
11:00 am
Wednesday 4 August
12:30 pm
Introduction to the GCS Curriculum – ALBs and public bodies
Join us for a short presentation about the GCS Curriculum and how it could benefit you and your team.
Friday 13 August
11:00 am
Friday 13 August
11:45 am
Introduction to the GCS Curriculum – ALBs and public bodies
Join us for a short presentation about the GCS Curriculum and how it could benefit you and your team.
Thursday 16 September
11:00 am
Thursday 16 September
11:45 am
Comms Exchange: Check your privilege session
Ever wondered what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes?
Thursday 16 September
2:00 pm
Thursday 16 September
3:00 pm