Recruitment guidance

This page contains recruitment guidance for Government Communication Service (GCS) vacancy holders and for candidates looking to join the GCS. In the GCS we are committed to welcoming talented communicators from a range of backgrounds and locations into the profession. 

The guidance on this combines good practice from the private and the public sectors to help vacancy holders carry out successful, accessible campaigns, as well as tips for candidates on how to nail your application and interview.

Vacancy holders: Good Practice in Recruitment

When done well, recruitment can have a significant positive impact on an organisation. With good recruitment you can identify and hire skilled candidates, build a diverse workforce which brings different perspectives and ideas into the conversation, and, ultimately, meet your business objectives.

Use this simple guide to get the best outcomes from your recruitment exercise (GCS Members only).

Guidance for Candidates 

We’re so pleased that you’re considering a role in the Government Communication Service. 

As a government communicator, not only are you directly delivering communications which will impact the lives of individuals throughout the UK and beyond, but you are joining a profession of over 7,000 skilled colleagues, with a tailored curriculum, networks across the UK and discipline networks to share best practice.

Use this guidance to better understand how to write a successful application and prepare for your interview.