Conversations: Connecting Diverse Voices

Blog post by Esmeralda Castrillo Dick

Thursday 7 December 2017

Join the pilot of a new bespoke diversity and inclusion initiative for GCS leaders that supports you to gain the knowledge and expertise to help build a more diverse and inclusive profession.

The new programme supports SCS and Grade 6 leaders who would like to gain a better understanding of issues of diversity and inclusion (D&I) or for GCS members who can offer insight and expertise of a particular area of diversity and inclusion.

Conversations: Connecting Diverse Voices is an exciting new initiative that offers GCS leaders across departments and ALBs the opportunity to identify an area of diversity and inclusion that they would like to learn more about and matches them with someone within the profession that has experience and/or knowledge of that area.

Matched partners will embark on a supported one year programme that will enable them to explore how we, as communicators, can best serve and empower communities and help shape the future of the Civil Service and government communications profession. In developing this programme we have been mindful of the time pressures on participants and suggest a commitment of one hour per month.

“This is about being ready to listen, engage and grow with modern Britain. Anyone who wants to be a leader in government should take this opportunity to champion difference and develop their understanding.” – Sharon Sawers, Director of Communications, Cabinet Office.

If you would like to support GCS in building a more diverse and inclusive Civil Service, start today by taking part in the very first round of Conversations: Connecting Diverse Voices and filling out this profile.

For any further details, please contact

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