My Summer Internship

Blog post by Lena Ofosu-Apeasah, GCS Summer Intern

Tuesday 19 July 2016

I have been on my internship at the Cabinet Office for just over a week now and the role has already exceeded my expectations.

This is an incredible exciting time with a new PM and ministers being appointed as I write.

The main factor for my enjoyment so far is how welcoming and open my team have been. From explaining the ins and outs of how government works to receiving encouragement and information about future roles and training workshops, I have been surrounded by a strong group of individuals offering expertise, advice and opportunity from day one. I am only two weeks in and I have already experienced media monitoring, content creation using images and social media, filming interviews and speeches with a trip to Cambridge, researching stakeholders, analysing and evaluating social media and attending stakeholder meetings. The variety of work that I have been given has kept me working efficiently and accurately with content that I have been producing and the information and, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.

On the induction day, I met all of the other interns that have been placed in various government departments for the summer. We received presentations about the Government Communication Service (GCS) and what it entails, how best to approach campaigns, what makes a successful campaigner and making the most of our time in Government. We also debated about the future of social media and how government use it affectively and acknowledge some of the constraints that come with managing a corporate image that is central to society. Afterwards we took photos outside of No.10, which was a surreal moment after seeing it on television for so many years. This induction was a really invaluable experience to be able to find out what other areas of comms exist within government such as the No.10 campaigns team, which I had no knowledge of and now have a huge interest in and hope to explore more during these next six weeks.

During these next six weeks, I want to learn as much as possible about comms and build on the knowledge I have from previous internships during my time at the Cabinet Office. I also hope to gain exposure of government from an internal view and see what areas I can contribute to well. I want to continue to experience working with creative and passionate individuals who want help with informing a range of different audiences both in Britain and worldwide. By the end of my internship, I would like to gain a strong idea of the area that I want to pursue a role in within government. My excitement working with government increases day by day as the possibilities to what I will be getting involved in and the opportunities for what is on offer to me during my time here are endless.