GCS celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Blog post by GCS Apprentices

Thursday 8 March 2018

GCS apprentices share memorable moments from the past 6 months and celebrate the positive impact of female apprentices

“I have been on the GCS apprenticeship scheme for six months and have already gained countless skills and knowledge about communications and how the government and parliament works. Today I attended an International Women’s Day event, ‘Apprenticeships work for Women’, and got the chance to listen to specialist spokeswomen discuss apprenticeships, equal rights and celebrate the positive impact of female apprentices in the workplace. The speeches made me feel empowered and proud to be part of a generation of strong female apprentices.

Since being an apprentice I have been presented with amazing opportunities like visiting charities, touring the Houses of Parliament, and meeting Prince William, who was guest speaker at our annual charity event. I get to work alongside professional comms people and am learning from the best, as well as keeping in close contact with the other apprentices who are on the same scheme as me. The benefits of doing an apprenticeship are endless and I can’t imagine being granted these opportunities if I had gone to university.”

Deanna Blake, Charity Commission

“My time on the GCS Apprenticeship so far has certainly been memorable, challenging, and full of new experiences. I initially applied for the Apprenticeship as I wanted to gain experience of the working world first-hand. Starting as a Civil Servant with little experience in the field, can certainly be scary, but fortunately, the team at BEIS have been incredibly accommodating. They have pushed me to my full potential whilst ensuring that I am learning and gaining key skills along the way.

I would recommend the GCS apprenticeship to anyone considering a career in the Civil Service, or even just in the communications field in general. The training and learning opportunities are second to none, and after only 6 months on the course, I feel entirely settled, and prepared to tackle tasks that I would not have felt comfortable approaching a few months ago. I have been given a vast amount of responsibility, attended key events and ministerial visits, and joined networks within the department. This role has certainly given me a great confidence boost, and I am very much looking forward to the next 12 months.”

Leila McIntyre, GCS Apprentice at Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

“I was drawn to the apprenticeship at the Department for International Trade as I didn’t want to go down the typical university route. This scheme gave me the chance to work in a large organisation and earn a salary whilst working towards a qualification. My experience of the apprenticeship so far has given me the opportunity to get involved in large-scale and international events such as helping at the Minister’s Christmas Reception at Lancaster House and Money 20/20 in Amsterdam.

Working for the Government Communications Service is challenging but you are treated like any other colleague whilst on this course and given the same responsibilities. For example, I have been given the responsibility of co-ordinating the marketing and communications monthly newsletter alongside other important documents that affect how the department functions. I would recommend this apprenticeship as you get a direct, hands-on experience of working with communications professionals, producing content for government campaigns and policies.”

Rebecca Burns, GCS Apprentice at Department for International Trade

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