Social media security awareness for official Civil Service accounts

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points: 2

This training is for government professionals who create or publish social media content. It explains how to manage official social media accounts responsibly and securely.

Mandatory for social media account managers

This training is mandatory for all civil servants who are involved with official social media accounts. It is optional but useful for those working in other areas of communications.

Learning outcomes

This training covers:

  • the core principles of responsible and secure social media usage 
  • the consequences of poor practice
  • what to do in the event of an incident and how to avoid them in the first place

The 4 parts are:

  1. Government Social Media Security Policy
  2. Using and managing social media responsibly and securely
  3. Protecting our people and premises
  4. Put your knowledge to the test

Start the training (member access)

Ask the password to your Development Adviser (Learning and Development lead) in your organisation or email