GCS Local: Local campaigns and engagement

The GCS local team is a regionally-based, cross-government campaigns and engagement team, working to make government’s priority campaigns relevant and compelling to audiences at the local level.

GCS local has teams in Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Nottingham and Leeds.

Communicating with local audiences

We make national policy real for everyone in the country; showcasing how the UK Government is improving the lives of people who live and work in every region of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We work with all departments and Arms Length Bodies (ALBs), engaging with local partners and stakeholders to get insight for national campaign planning and to identify and target local audiences.

We are a presence for UK Government across the nations and regions; connecting with private, public and third sector stakeholders to promote the Prime Minister priority campaigns and policies, develop advocates and uphold the professional standards of government communications.

GCS local: core functions

  • External affairs
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Relationship development
    • Advocate recruitment
  • Insight
    • PM and other ministerial briefings
    • Stakeholder insight and feedback
    • Regional social listening
  • Campaign delivery
    • Local case study and content creation
    • Local campaign planning (including in partnership with local stakeholders)

The team is also responsible for creating regional networks of GCS members and communicators across government, ALBs, Local Authorities and other public services, to help improve professional development.

Local social media feeds

Our local social media feeds on Twitter are:


The GCS local teams have delivered the following training:

Communicating locally (GCS members access) By the end of this webinar, you will have learned the value of local communication, and why it’s essential to do campaign planning.

Devolution for Communicators (GCS members access) This deep dive into devolution will cover the hows and the whats, but also crucially the whys, as well as the various models of devolution.