Media relations is at the heart of government communication. Our teams work every day to explain the policies and services of government departments and agencies.

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Media in government

The Government Communication Service (GCS) delivers strategic, audience-led campaigns and sets world-class standards for implementation and delivery. Through these campaigns, communications professionals play a key role across government in:

  • changing behaviour by encouraging people to lead healthy, safer live
  • ensuring operational effectiveness of government by informing people about public services
  • enhancing and maintaining the reputation of the UK and responding in times of crisis, including promoting interests internationally
  • explaining government policies and programmes to clarify legal or statutory requirements

Our standards: Modern Media Operation: a Guide

The Modern Media Operations Guide sets out the skills and capabilities government media relations teams require to deal with the combined demands of the general public, ministers and stakeholders in the 24/7/365 digital age. 

Get inspired by our media case studies.

Social media

Think about the needs of your audience at the planning stage, so your posts are accessible. Use our checklist and best practice: Planning, creating and publishing accessible social media campaigns.

GCS members must adhere to the Civil Service Code online as well as offline. Social media is a public forum and the same considerations apply as would to speaking in public or writing something for publication, either officially or in a personal capacity outside of work.

Read our guidance: Propriety in digital and social media.

The Social media guidance for civil servants is intended to help civil servants to use social media to enhance their work while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

Read the Social media guidance for civil servants (on GOV.UK).

Learning and resources

Start learning at your own pace and build the skills you need, using our curriculum. You can also engage with our media blogs and resources.