RESIST: Counter-Disinformation Toolkit

The RESIST counter-disinformation toolkit will help communications professionals counter the threat posed by disinformation.

Front page of the RESIST counter disinformation toolkitDisinformation is the deliberate creation and/or sharing of false information with the intention to deceive and mislead audiences.

A changing media environment means that disinformation can now spread faster than ever, to more people than ever. It is therefore crucial that government and public sector employees learn how to RESIST disinformation. This will help support the dissemination of reliable, truthful information that underpins our democracy.

RESIST counter-disinformation toolkit  (7.8MB)

This toolkit will:

  • Build your resilience to the threat of disinformation.
  • Give you guidance on how to identify a range of different types of disinformation consistently and effectively.
  • Help you prevent and tackle the spread of disinformation.
  • Enable you to develop a response when disinformation affects your organisation’s ability to do its job, or represents a threat to the general public.

The toolkit promotes a consistent approach to the threat and provides six steps to follow:

  1. Recognise disinformation
  2. Early warning
  3. Situational Insight
  4. Impact analysis
  5. Strategic communication
  6. Track outcomes