Horizon Scanning – it’s the future!

Blog post by Elayne Phillips - Head of Civil Service Communications and Internal Communications - Cabinet Office

Friday 15 July 2016

Since the launch of the Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM) which features Horizon Scanning as a key function of strategic communications, we’ve all been ramping up our capability and using Horizon Scanning to be take a more strategic approach.

Here is a handy quick ‘What is Horizon Scanning’ guide which covers sources, tracking, benchmarking, reporting and other top tips. I’d encourage every Government Communicator to take the new half day training session – it’s not only incredibly interesting but it’s essential to help develop the skills we need for the future.

Enormous thanks to Peter Rainey and his team at Design 102, the GCS Design Centre, who produced the guide.

For information on Design 102’s design services, visit www.design102.co.uk, follow on Twitter @design102 email design102@justice.gsi.gov.uk.

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