IC Space Live ’16

Blog post by Michelle Cupples, IC Excellence - @MDCupples

Friday 18 March 2016

For those of you who joined our IC Space Live ’16, March Spring event with industry and government experts in Internal Communications, you will have heard a range of exciting views, experiences and forecasts for where the Internal Communications profession is developing across Government.

Head of Profession for IC Russell Grossman shared the VMA Inside Insight 2016 survey findings, that interestingly show 49% are entering Internal Comms jobs from External Communications, and 39% from Change Management. 65% of the survey respondents also said IC has an influential voice at the top of the organisation and 72% of CEOs reported they valued the IC function.

Our keynote speakers from communications consultancy, Gatehouse, shared their most recent ‘State of the Nation’ survey of Internal Communications practice in 30 different industries.

Asked what the main barriers were to internal communication being a success in their organisations, 59% cited the lack of line manager communication skills. This was followed by the challenge of stature and influence of the function, with 46% citing the lack of involvement in strategic decision making. Less than 30% believed line managers in their organisations are good communicators.

This evidential weak spot for internal communication in organisations generally is something we in GCS working with the Government HR function have also recognized. So, our new ‘Leaders as Communicators’ training, now beginning to roll out in Departments and public bodies across Government Departments and ALBs, is addressing communications skills and confidence of line managers to better engage with their teams.

The training draws on simple tricks of the trade with videos demonstrating the latest thinking in emotional and behavioural engagement techniques.

For details of how your Department, ALB or public body, can get involved in this exciting new ‘Leaders as Communicators’ training, please distribute and speak to your Head of IC or directly to GCS.

As I prepare to stand down from managing Internal Communications Excellence over the last year, I am pleased to report on how much we have achieved. The commitment, quality and innovation I have seen working with many of you in the IC community, has been remarkable. We now have a set of standards and tools, including embedding the Standard Operating Model, Job Description Principles, a new strategic Evaluation Framework, based on the industry standard “Four Enablers” of excellence, career development courses, our internationally recognised IC Space and a strong collaborative community sharing great ideas and best practice on our digital platform ‘Basecamp’.

I look forward to seeing this excellence continuing throughout 2016.


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