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Tuesday 23 February 2016

When it comes to public engagement and consultation, we’re all familiar with some key tools and techniques but have you heard of deliberative engagement?

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Deliberative public engagement is a distinctive approach to involving people in decision-making. It is different from other forms of engagement in that it is about giving participants time to consider and discuss an issue in depth before they come to a considered view.

The private and public sectors are increasingly realising that traditional ways of tackling shared and difficult problems are no longer adequate and that more inclusive strategic approaches involving key stakeholders need to be explored. The importance of this approach is reflected in the latest Modern Communications Operating Model.

Deliberation itself – where a range of people learn, discuss and work out solutions together – is not new. Forums, advisory groups, partnerships and some forms of consultation have done this for years and are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The National Consumer Council says there are nine effective deliberative public engagement principles – these are:

  1. The process makes a difference
  2. The process is transparent
  3. The process has integrity
  4. The process is tailored to circumstances
  5. The process involves the right number and types of people
  6. The process treats participants with respect
  7. The process gives priority to participants’ discussions
  8. The process is reviewed and evaluated to improve practice
  9. Participants are kept informed

If you are interested in hearing the latest thinking by academics in this field, you may be interested in a free webinar taking place on Wednesday 9 March, 2pm – 4pm. A panel of experts will present findings from a project drawing on research and case studies from five countries. In particular, the research generates insights on how to plan for and deliver successful deliberative engagement events.

Register for the free Webinar – Registration will be open until 7th March, 2016

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