Celebrate Armed Forces Day 24 June 2017

Tuesday 13 June 2017

GCS join forces with actor Ray Winstone to celebrate Armed Forces Day in a new Radio Filler produced by the GCS Fillers Marketing team

Armed Forces Day is an annual celebration where the public have an opportunity to celebrate and say thank you to our Armed Forces, past and present.

Armed Forces Day this year takes place on Saturday 24  June. Supporters of Armed Forces Day – including the Filler voiceover Ray Winstone – are proud to support the work our Armed Forces do and the community spirit behind the Filler message.

Click here to listen to the 30 second version of the Filler.

The GCS Fillers Marketing team (Tom Bland) commissioned, developed and produced this Radio Filler with colleagues at MoD. The Filler raises awareness and prompts radio audiences to visit the Armed Forces Day website – armedforcesday.org.uk – where you can find out about a record 300+ events and parades being arranged all across the UK on 24 June.

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Image credit: ©UK MOD Crown Copyright 2017