Congratulations to Department for Transport winning campaign of the month

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Congratulations to DfT who have won March's competition for their 'THINK! Drink Drive Christmas' campaign

Drink driving was a contributory factor in 200 road deaths and 1,170 serious injuries in 2015. Drink drive also continues to feature as the top road safety issue that motorists believe the Government should address with young men continuing to be our target audience because they are over represented in both drink drive casualty and breath-test failure statistics.

The aim for this campaign was to increase the social unacceptability amongst young men allowing their friends to drink drive and increase claimed behaviour amongst young men to stop a friend to drink drive.

THINK! Drink Drive Christmas Campaign focused on young males to step in when a friend might be tempted to drive drive. The content is built on the premise of giving young men a fun, non-preachy way to prevent their friend drink driving after research showed that many felt a sense of awkwardness in speaking up.

DfT used the most targetable channels such as ‘Mates Matter’ radio advert and music channels such as KISS FM radio show, Twitter and Facebook. THINK! worked with platform LadBible, popular with males and known for its strong 31 million Facebook following, with their ‘Pint Wreckers’ video reaching 5.4m views, 15K shares, 9.7K comments, 57K reactions. The campaign used key influencers such as Michael Dapppah, famous for his rapper character Big Shaq, to reach the target audience in key decision-making moments, such as when they are planning their nights out.

Who is the team behind it?

Helen Clark – Deputy Director, Group Marketing and Digital

Dawn Lauder – Head of Marketing

Claire Farman – Senior Marketing Manager

Kanyin Sanusi – Marketing Manager

Pablo O’Hana – PR and Content Manager

The deadline for May’s campaign of the month is Friday 25th May, please complete the submission form and send to

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