Congratulations to the Home Office and UK Finance for winning Campaign of the Month

Friday 15 June 2018

The Home Office and UK Finance ran Take Five to Stop Fraud, a joint campaign to educate the UK public about financial fraud

This year’s Take Five campaign was the first of its kind – an innovative jointly funded public-private partnership combining the brand powers of UK Finance and HMG. Its aim: to educate the UK public about financial fraud and empower them to confidently challenge fraudsters.

Fraud is one of the most prevalent crimes in England and Wales, with an estimated 3.2 million incidents last year (CSEW 2017). Yet many people believe that it simply won’t happen to them.

Evaluation from phase one in 2016 – solely delivered by Financial Fraud Action UK – highlighted the scale of the challenge: the audience did not perceive the campaign as relevant or clear and just one third of people surveyed took away the priority message.

The Research, Information and Communications Unit’s expertise has driven a step-change in impact. A targeting strategy was introduced using RICU SOC’s segmentation alongside insights from banks to target those most at risk: busy Mums – who know their own mind, but lack the time to spot, scams, and older couples aged 45-65. Singles aged 65+ – often respectful of trusted
organisations and reluctant to question – formed a secondary audience.

Campaign messages were refined to clear, actionable guidance that could be used to confidently challenge fraudsters. Activity focused on one idea – if you’re not sure, don’t give out your details – using the mantra ‘My Money, My Info? I don’t think so!’

Working with UK Finance, RICU introduced a strategy which ran over six months
and comprised three peaks of activity; each focussed on a specific protective
behaviour rather than the previous brand awareness strategy. This culminated in the
first ever Take Five to Stop Fraud Week in January. Activity included:

  • Partnerships with trusted media like Mumsnet, The Pool and Heart FM
    including stunts, events, and influencer led social content to cut through to the
    target female audience. An Intu partnership and campaign tour engaged
    +1,000 people in both target audiences in four major UK shopping centres.
  • +280,000 completions of the Too Smart to be Scammed quiz – challenging
    people to spot fraudulent correspondence.
  • Take Five Week:
    o +250 partners within the financial sector, HMG, Age UK,Neighbourhood Watch, Trading Standards, BT, Paypal, law enforcement and many others delivered a social reach of 64 million.
    o +30 banks used campaign content on social media, ATM screens and e-marketing.
    o Parliamentarians received a bespoke toolkit for constituencies, visited local banks, and attended an APPG for Consumer Protection event.
    o +150 pieces of media coverage, highlights included ITV News, BBC Radio, The Mail on Sunday and The Sun. PR activity reached 50% of 35+ females and 47% of our secondary audience.

Combined, this delivered an impressive reach and recall with 51% of consumers
recognising some form of campaign activity. Campaign recognisers also saw fraud as relevant to them – overcoming a significant barrier to behaviour change (56% of recognisers agree vs. 45% of non-recognisers). Fundamentally, there was a significant increase in those who claimed they were very likely to protect themselves by challenging potential fraudsters (10% increase since the campaign began amongst the general population – 5% increase in recognisers in our primary audience).

Those behind the campaign were:

• Nimisha Green (RICU, Home Office)
• Joanna Shayer (RICU, Home Office)
• Miriam Wraight (RICU, Home Office)
• Tim France (Home Office)
• Susan Griffiths (Home Office)
• Laura Parker (Home Office)
• UK Finance

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