HM Coastguard commission coastal safety film ​to ​become GCS TV Filler

Tuesday 4 July 2017

A TV Filler to coincide with summer trips to the coast has been launched by the GCS Fillers Marketing team

The GCS Fillers Marketing team (Tom Bland) has begun marketing an HM coastguard Filler for TV broadcast.

The scene is set on a calm, summer’s day at the beach, but as the real-life 999 call demonstrates, the conditions at sea can change very quickly. The 999 call features an actual incident and subsequent rescue by the coastguard.

HM Coastguard report that every year about 14,000 people make an emergency call to the Coastguard. Their research shows that 50% of people don’t know to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard in an emergency at the coast. As this film shows, every second counts in an emergency, and its aim is to raise more awareness of dangerous conditions at sea and a reminder to call 999 Coastguard.


TV and Radio Fillers are impartial public service announcements containing public health, welfare and safety content, and as such are used at the goodwill of broadcasters in free-of-charge donated airspace. Welfare and safety public service announcements on TV are supported and broadcast on BBC One and Two, as well as range of Local TV broadcasters and Video on Demand.

If you’d like to discuss Fillers further please contact at GCS or visit the fillers website.