Government Communications Plan 2016/17

Thursday 19 May 2016

The Government Communications Plan 2016/17 published today sets out the commitment of Directors of Communication and the GCS to produce campaigns and other communications to support the Government’s priorities in the year ahead.

It also explains the structure and core aims of the GCS, and highlights its programmes and plans for improving communications professional practice across government.

Read the Government Communications Plan 2016/17.

Introduction to the Government Communications Plan 2016/17 from Directors of Communication

“Today we launch our fifth annual Government Communications Plan. It sets out the major communications work we will deliver as a profession in 2016/17. The plan is written for government communicators, but it also explains our work in the year ahead for partners and stakeholders of the GCS.

We will deliver world-class, effective, efficient communications across the UK to support priorities under the government’s key themes: providing economic security at every stage of life; ensuring our safety and leading role in the world; and extending opportunity so everyone has the chance to get on in life. Our role in the daily delivery of government operations and public services also safeguards and enriches people’s lives. The major campaigns in our plan for 2016/17 have been through a rigorous professional assurance process to ensure they are aligned with government priorities and will – collectively and individually – make best possible use of public funds.

We remain committed to insight-based, digitally driven, robustly evaluated communication and engagement with our audiences. We will strive for even closer collaboration across government and with local partners, in pursuit of the greatest possible cost-efficiency and impact. We will further embed our Modern Communications Operating Model and new GCS Standards for excellent professional practice. And we will develop even stronger leadership skills, to support the communication function’s role as a visible, trusted, strategic partner across government.

This year will bring new challenges and we must keep up a rapid pace of change and professional improvement in the GCS. This will help to ensure that we are equal to the task, and considered by our partners to be a thoroughly modern communication service and a ‘best-in-class’ government profession.

Please read this plan and consider how you can help secure its success. The diverse talents of each and every communicator in the GCS will be essential – and we look forward to working with you to rise to the challenge.”

Alex Aiken and Departmental Directors of Communication