Two GCS launches today… have you heard the latest?

Thursday 12 November 2015

Do you have the right structure in place for a modern communications function and do you have the latest tools and guidance to enable you to evaluate in the most effective way? Today GCS launches a new Modern Communications Operating Model and a new, very helpful Evaluation Framework.

Modern Communications Operating Model

The Modern Communications Operating Model reflects the needs of a modern communications function which meets the constantly evolving challenges we face in increasing understanding, building trust and changing behaviour for the public good.

Modern teams should be seamlessly integrated, based around audience understanding, be insight and data-driven and be digitally-orientated. To create this consistently the model sets out ways of arranging communications teams for varying sizes of organisations.

Video of Selvin Brown’s launch of the model at today’s LG Comms Academy Event in Coventry will be posted on Twitter @UKgovcomms

Download the Modern Communications Operating Model (PDF, 303kb)

New Evaluation Framework

All Government Communicators should be evaluating the impact of communications and this new framework will sit on everyone’s desks for quick, easy reference to ensure we measure what matters. For each communications area, it contains a set of measures to choose from and should be used to evaluate in an integrated way. Good evaluation leads to better understand of what works well so we can do more of it, and of what doesn’t so we can stop doing it.

The Framework will land on desks from 1 December and will take the form of a handy desk swatch listing valid metrics for media, marketing, digital, stakeholder engagement and internal communications. And it contains sample metrics that are typical so it’s easier than ever to ensure consistent evaluation across communications and importantly to ensure credibility and accuracy.

Download the new Evaluation Framework (PDF, 1.1mb)

There is also a comprehensive user guide, FAQs and glossary available on the Evaluation page.

Following today’s launches, the GCS teams will carry out followup activities within departments to co-ordinate, offer support and help embed them across Government.