Media Buying Agency Transition Completes

Wednesday 7 November 2018

The start of the new £600 million four-year media buying contract with Manning Gottlieb OMD (MG OMD) begins today - a hugely important milestone in government advertising.

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The ambitious new framework will create higher standards in advertising across the board with a focus on quality, transparency, and outcomes.

It has been specifically designed to be adaptable to the ever-changing world of media, giving Government the flexibility to adapt to market and industry advances, as well as emerging challenges. These can vary from ensuring people are living healthier lifestyles and investing in their pension to countering terror and battling fake news.

GCS, Crown Commercial Service and MG OMD have been working intensely for the past five months to ensure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible but also to make sure that government communicators are transforming the way they work with the media buying agency.

OmniGOV has been set up within MG OMD as a strategic partnership, working collaboratively with government clients to aid the delivery of world-class communications campaigns with a focus on real-life outcomes and maximum impact for the taxpayer.

Commenting on the new media buying agency, Alex Aiken, Executive Director for Government Communications said:

“Throughout the set-up of the new framework with MG OMD, we have put the emphasis on delivering campaign outcomes right at the top of the list. The challenges faced by government communications are varied and often unpredictable, but with this relentless focus on outcomes we are well-placed to deal with any incidents that arise.”

Paul Knight, Chief Operating Officer of MG OMD, also commented on the new partnership:

“Our ambition for OmniGOV is to set a new world standard in government communications buying. This will be delivered via a new and integrated team of people and a new government process where we will get involved early in the planning cycle and systematically feedback learnings into future campaigns. We are so excited and immensely proud to be working with the Government and are determined to raise the bar in communications buying.”

As part of the transformation, over the next few months GCS professionals will have access to more training opportunities, as well as a new portal for sharing learnings to ensure we are making the most out of the wealth of knowledge we have across government communications.

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