New GCS Handbook launched today

Monday 3 April 2017

Government communicators and those interested in our work will find the new handbook an essential aid to their work.

GCS is the professional body for public service communications professionals working in all regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland- from Whitehall to Whitehaven, Inverness to Cardiff and Belfast.

Our purpose is to deliver world-class public service communications that supports Government priorities, enables the efficient and effective operation of public services and improves people’s lives.

Skilled, passionate, talented government communicators don’t just inform the public: our work helps build the economy, save lives, protect the vulnerable, and promote Britain in the world. The work we do is rarely easy, constantly challenging, and always rewarding.

This Government Communication Service handbook sets out:

  • How our profession is led
  • What is expected of government and public service communicators,
  • GCS professional standard; and
  • Our codes of conduct.

The new handbook is for those in government communications or working alongside government communicators and provides advice and guidance. Download the Government Communication Service (GCS) Handbook

Find out what GCS members have to say, watch our video below.