Social Mobility Commission win campaign of the month

Thursday 13 July 2017

Social Mobility Commission's joint campaign with the Social Mobility Foundation and City of London has been awarded GCS's campaign of the month for June.

The ‘Social Mobility Employer Index’ initiative ranked Britain’s Top 50 employers for the first time on the actions they are taking to ensure they are open to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds and showcases progress by employers towards improving social mobility.

In its first year, the aim of the Index was to secure as many employers as possible to enter. Large employers from so-called ‘elite’ professional sectors were targeted as the key audience.

The communications strategy centred around creating a high-profile launch of the index on Wednesday June 21st 2017 – securing a national newspaper media partner, hosting a high profile launch event and creating a buzz on social media by harnessing the collective influence of the Top 50 employers.

In its first year, the Social Mobility Employer Index received submissions from nearly 100 employers from 17 sectors, which collectively employ just under one million people.Just eight days following the launch, new inquiries had been received from a further 34 employers (representing around 130,000 employees) wanting to take part next year.

There were a total of 202 attendees at the launch event, representing 96 organisations. In addition, 500 people also watched the event as it was live-streamed on Periscope.

The Social Mobility Employer Index trended in the UK on Twitter (3rd at its peak) on launch day. Over four days following the launch, the hashtag #socialmobilityEI reached over two million accounts, had nearly eight million impressions and 758 contributors.

The Index achieved substantial media coverage –34 articles (including 10 pieces of national coverage). The Times ran an eight-page supplement – which included 11 feature articles exploring the issue of social mobility in the workplace and an introduction article by Alan Milburn, David Johnston and Catherine McGuinness.

The BBC News channel covered the launch of the Index with a live interview with David Johnston.

The team behind the campaign are:

Social Mobility Commission:

  • Kirsty Walker (Head of strategy and communications)
  • Paul Johnston (Head of the Social Mobility Commission Secretariat)
  • Rachael Millar (Head of policy for jobs and skills)

Social Mobility Foundation:

  • David Johnston (Chief Executive)
  • Kathryn Davies (Employer index manager)

City of London Corporation:

  • John Park (Head of media, public services)
  • Stephanie Basten (Media officer, public services)
  • Samantha Lagan (Communications, Marketing and Events)
  • Sophie Hulm (Senior Policy and Programmes Manager)
  • Claire Holdgate (Events manager)

Entries are now open for July’s campaign of the month competition. Please send your completed nomination forms to by 5pm on 28 July.