Take part in the GCS Skills Survey- deadline extended

Monday 3 April 2017

Make sure your voice is heard.

The aim of GCS is to deliver an exceptional standard of public service communications. To achieve this, we all need to build the skills outlined in the Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM)  supported by the right professional development opportunities.

This survey, which will be emailed directly to registered GCS members, will establish current levels of skills across the communications profession and help us to design the support needed by our members to build a world class communications profession.

Findings from last year’s survey helped GCS provide free training courses on priority skills. This year, even more will be done to build a fully integrated curriculum with free courses, e-learning, recommended reading and other learning opportunities for GCS members.

On completion of the survey, respondents can print their unique answers and personalised recommended learning opportunities. These can be discussed with line managers to inform 2017/8 professional development plans.

Following the closing date of the survey, the results will be analysed by the GCS Professional Development team at the Cabinet Office, before being shared with Directors and Heads of Communication to identify organisational development needs. The findings will then be published on the GCS website in early July 2017.

For more information, read our FAQs here.

Note: The GCS skills survey completion deadline has now been extended to midnight on 28 April