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Blog post by David Rose, Head of Media Monitoring, GCS

Monday 11 April 2016

40% of deaths in England are related to our behaviour, and are therefore avoidable. Lifestyle choices related to alcohol, smoking, being overweight and obese cost the NHS over £11bn each year, in addition:

PHE One You campaign
  • Smoking is still the biggest single cause of preventable death and ill health within England and costs the NHS an estimate £2bn per year
  • The direct cost to the NHS of obesity and people being overweight is estimated at £6.1bn
  • If broader societal costs are considered, a lack of physical activity costs the UK an estimated £7.4bn per year

Making better choices today can have a huge influence on our health, and could prevent conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and reduce our risk of suffering a stroke or living with dementia, disability and frailty in later life.

Launched March 2016, the ‘One You’ campaign aims to improve the health of adults across the UK. It is the most significant new public health campaign since Change4Life was launched eight years ago.

The campaign is built on considerable audience insight gleaned from extensive research, including a detailed ethnographic study. PHE found that although many adults know there are things that they need to change, but often busy lives, caring responsibilities and competing pressures mean their own health is not recognised as a priority.

Launch of One You:

The campaign launched on 7 March uses TV, digital and outdoor advertising to encourage adults to take stock of their health with the help of the ‘How Are You’ quiz. This innovative quiz provides personalised recommendations based on your results and directs people to tools and advice to help them take action where it’s most needed.

The three key tasks for One You at launch were to launch and establish the brand, encourage adults to reappraise their own health using One You tools and leverage a wide contingency of stakeholder support to help achieve our goals.

Launch and establish the brand:

The launch day saw the campaign feature on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, Sky News and over 100 regional and commercial radio stations, to name a few. One You also appeared on the front page of the major national newspapers. Over 400 pieces of coverage so far, which is a good initial measure of how the brand has been received.

Engagement and appraisal:

At time of Campaign of the Month entry (March) the campaign had already achieved

• 1,104,255 visits to the ‘How Are You’ page
• 601,271 completions of the ‘How Are You’ quiz
• 193,184 have registered for ongoing support via email
• 95,879 App downloads.

Partnership and stakeholder support:

PHE secured unprecedented support from a wide range of partners, including BBC, Amazon, Boots, Slimming World and Asda.

The extent of partnership activity, both public sector and commercial, means that One You will be part of people’s day-to- day lives: on the high street, in local services, in pharmacies and GP surgeries, on the roads, and when shopping online. The following are just a handful of examples of One You partnership work (at time of Campaign of the Month entry):

• Engaged with 152 top tier Local Authorities
• Worked with 25 core Local Authorities to embed at a local level
• 191 employer partners engaged. Reaching 1,595,000 employees
• 5,873 pharmacies engaged to date

PR and partner activity with a number of the nation’s top organisations is ongoing, with all messaging driving people to take the How Are You quiz.

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