GCS Accelerate

The Government Communication Service curriculum will help you build your skills across the key Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM2) areas.

GCS Accelerate is part of a renewed drive to raise digital standards across all areas of the profession, fundamentally shifting how digital is positioned in government communications. Recognising that ‘digital’ is no longer a separate discipline, but an inherent and important strand of all communication specialisms. Accelerate aims to provide GCS communicators with the necessary skills for continued success in this digital age.

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Essentials Learning Series Podcasts

Listen to the GCS Accelerate Essentials Learning Podcasts. These podcasts are designed to accompany the face-to-face courses, as well as to be useful introductions to various areas of digital communications for those who haven’t attended the courses. These podcasts and more are available on our Academy page. For access, contact your department’s development advisor or email gcsaccelerate@cabinetoffice.gov.uk.

FACT: Countering Misinformation in the Media


Audio: Accelerate FACT training with Dr Oli Marsh (MP3, 24 minutes, 33.1MB)

Handout: Accelerate FACT training handout (PDF, 25 pages, 2.5MB)


Digital Campaigning Essentials: Introducing the Ecosystem


Audio: Accelerate Digital Ecosystem (MP3, 19 minutes, 27.8MB)

Handout: Accelerate Digital Ecosystem Handout (PDF, 52 pages, 3.5MB)