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Be inspiring
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Empower your teams to deliver

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Course levels of expertise:

Practitioner – new or developing your expertise in that discipline

Advanced – experienced professionals in that discipline

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Building Personal and Professional  Resilience in an Ever Changing World (Practitioner)

This webinar considers the concept of resilience through a historical and modern day lens and explores the different pressures, challenges and opportunities that arise during periods of stress and uncertainty.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will become more confident about:

  • Building resilience both personally and professionally, within teams and organisations



60 minutes

Delivery channel – webinar

Inspire webinar – Leading Disparate and Remote Teams (Practitioner)

Team leaders are crucial to the success of the team and this is amplified if the team is dispersed. The challenge for us as leaders is to create, encourage and support a cohesive and effective team, one that feels part of something bigger and identifies with the values of the organisation.

This webinar considers how we need to change our approach to the workplace in the future, looks into academic theories about how effective leadership can drive outstanding performance in dispersed teams, and introduces a new model to guide leaders of dispersed teams in the GCS and beyond.

By the end of this webinar you will become more confident about:

  • Working with a new model to guide leaders of dispersed teams;
  • Practical advice and tools to help you be an effective leader and get the best from your team no matter where they are based.



60 minutes

Delivery channel – webinar

Leadership masterclasses (Practitioner)

  • Transformational leadership in the GCS
  • Making time and developing the skills to be a strategic communication leader
  • Power dynamics: finding, sharing and challenging power
  • Making values stick
  • The complexities of being a Government Director of Communication – and the tools you could use the help handle the challenges of the role
  • How to manage and improve difficult relationships


Webinars: 60 minutes/to be recorded for repeat access
Face to Face: Two hours

Delivery channel – Webinar and face to face 

Presenting with Impact (Practitioner)

During this experiential course you will investigate your own strengths and weaknesses when presenting to increase your awareness of how you come across. You will explore tools and techniques to enable you to hone and develop your skills and to be able to adapt your presentation style as appropriate for different audiences.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will become more confident about:

  • being self aware of your presentation style and how it is received
  • effectively structuring a presentation
  • using vocal technique and physical manner to present more effectively
  • presenting with confidence


Full day
2x a month

Delivery channel
Face to face

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