Content overview and learning outcomes for our marketing courses.

By developing your marketing skills you will learn to:

  • Understand and meet the needs of citizens
  • Effectively measure and deliver high-quality citizen experience
  • Support the raising awareness of policies, influence attitudes and behaviours and aid the operation of services

Levels of expertise:

  • Practitioner – new or developing your expertise in that discipline
  • Advanced – experienced professionals in that discipline

Marketing – Citizen Experience 

The course is designed for people who have the responsibility for any part of the customer experience journey within their organisation, this includes heads of marketing and other marketing support functions.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be more confident about:

  • Understanding and meet the needs of citizens;
  • Effectively measuring and delivering high-quality citizen experience;
  • Supporting the raising awareness of policies, influencing attitudes and behaviours and aiding the operation of services.


  • Audience: IO to G6 – practitioner level (those actively involved in marketing roles)
  • Two days, monthly

This course is worth 10 CIPR and CPD points.

Communicating Locally

Research has shown that we need to communicate more effectively with local audiences. By tailoring our messages according to locality, we can reach even more people and make an even bigger difference.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will become more confident at:

  • Building successful local stakeholder networks;
  • Listening to the voices in your area;
  • Working with key partners (including devolved and national governments);
  • Identifying effective local channels;
  • Tailoring your campaign messaging for local audiences;
  • Making the most of traditional and digital low and no cost platform


  • Audience: AIO to G6 (dependent on experience)
  • 3 hours, 6 weekly
  • Face-to-face

This course is worth 5 CIPR and CPD points.

Creative Campaigns (advanced)

This course looks at the development and implementation of campaigns, and how to use creative thinking to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Learning outcomes:

• Give participants the know-how to create effective communications campaign plans focusing on addressing policy priorities
• Present a best practice model for campaigning (OASIS)
• Give space to practice and experiment with the model


  • Audience:  AIO to G6 (dependent on experience)
  • Full day, monthly
  • Face-to-face

This course is worth 5 CIPR and CPD points.

Advanced Campaigning Masterclass (advanced)

Since its creation in October 2015, the GCS has run 5 Advanced Campaigning Masterclasses. These unique sessions have taken 50+ highly skilled campaigners through an intensive course, equipping them with the skills needed to become future Heads of Campaigns and Directors of Communication at the heart of government.

This immersive and hands-on programme spread over two half days in Whitehall, attempts to put participants in the campaigning mindset.

Note: there is a competitive selection process for this course.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will become more confident at:

  • Feeling more confident to work on campaigns under pressure;
  • Having a taster of life in the Prime Minister’s campaigns team;
  • Understanding the importance of personal and departmental influence;
  • Getting detailed feedback on their personal presentation style and creative ideas;
  • Being able to think strategically whilst ensuring attention to detail.


  • Audience: SIO to G6
  • 2x half-day, twice annually
  • Face-to-face

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