Content overview and learning outcomes for our media courses.

By developing your media skills you will learn about:

  • Listening
  • Dialogue
  • Awareness
  • Best practice

Course levels of expertise:

  • Practitioner: new or developing your expertise in that discipline
  • Advanced: experienced professionals in that discipline

Introduction to Modern Media

An overview of our Introduction to Modern Media – a showcase of best practice in government. The course covers the role of media relations in government communications.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be more confident about:

  • Proactive media handling – making announcements; nations and regions; consumer media; BAME and international;
  • Reactive media handling – media monitoring;
  • Relationship management – policy shaping and corporate; integration with other comms; Ministerial and SPAD engagement; winning and retaining journalists’ trust;
  • Digital content creation;
  • Insight and evaluation


  • Audience: AIO to G6 (dependent on experience)
  • 3 hours, every 6 weeks
  • Face-to-face and webinar

Creating Content: Video (practitioner)

This is a practical, 3 hour course where you will film and edit video. This will show you how to film a short interview, how to set up a good shot, and how to edit and select video clips for use on social media. It is aimed at people who are not primarily videographers or content producers but may be called on to produce low cost/no cost media, for example as part of an internal communications or visits team.

Attendees will need to bring a smartphone to film on, and a charged laptop with video editing software installed, and be able to upload the footage to that laptop.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be more confident about:

  • setting up a digi-clip (e.g. short interview of a minister of stakeholder);
  • briefing your subject;
  • composing and staging a shot;
  • performing basic editing.


  • Audience: AIO to G6 (dependent on experience)
  • 3 hours, quarterly
  • Face-to-face

Online Crisis Response (advanced)

Gives you the chance to build your crisis management skills through real life examples. In three stages throughout the day, you will work in a team to handle an unfolding fictional crisis scenario using a private online crisis simulation platform, Crisis90.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be more confident about

  • How to use dedicated crisis response models and checklists to manage in a crisis scenario;
  • Comparing strategic responses, key decisions and tactical approaches with other teams, and learn from your colleagues.


  • Audience: AIO to G6 (dependent on experience)
  • Full day, monthly
  • Face-to-face

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