The Power to Switch: from script to screen

Blog post by Catherine Chan, DECC

Wednesday 18 February 2015

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is a small department with a big mission. Our new campaign – The Power to Switch – encourages people to switch energy tariff or supplier. Our insight shows that awareness of switching is excellent but only 14% of households switched in the last year.

We needed a strong creative hook to get people to look again and take action.

We’re really proud of the resulting campaign (TV, radio, national and regional press, radio outdoors and digital). In addition we’re running a strong programme of PR, social media and stakeholder activity. All of this has been delivered by a small but dynamic team moving at a fast pace.

View The Power to Switch advert [restrictions may apply depending on your department’s settings] and find out more about the campaign at

Five steps from script to screen:

  1. As with all good campaigns, we used the OASIS model to establish our objectives, audience, strategy, implementation and scoring. We used this information to write a brief.
  2. In response to the brief, the creative agency ran a tissue session. They presented six creative concepts, illustrating each one with sketches and draft scripts. ‘The Power to Switch’ stood out straight away as a positive and empowering idea.
  3. The idea was refined and led to a pre-production meeting with the agency, director and producer. This covers everything on screen (e.g. script, actors and props) as well as behind the scenes (e.g. cameras, special effects and locations).
  4. Finally, it’s time for filming. It took about 30 hours to film our 30-second advert so there’s a lot of setting up, waiting around and multiple takes. After filming, the advert was edited and special effects were added in.
  5. Making a TV advert is a real team endeavour involving comms colleagues, Policy, Legal, Finance, Cabinet Office, a media and buying agency, a creative agency, a production company, director, producer, editor and a significant cast and crew.

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