What’s it like to be a Senior Communications Manager in the Government Communication Service?

Tuesday 25 February 2020

The GCS career framework is for everyone in government communications and can help you develop your career and improve your skills. Mark Harrop is part of the GCS Flex Team, and writes that adding new skills to your repertoire is the key to a successful career.

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Supporting our people to enjoy fulfilling careers in communication

Thursday 6 February 2020

Welcome to Our People, the GCS 2020 work stream that’s grappling with these exciting and often knotty challenges. We recognise that skills and experience are the lifeblood of our profession.

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Lessons learnt from Hungry Little Minds

Friday 31 January 2020

Naomi Alderson, External Affairs officer at Department for Education highlights the importance of stakeholder engagement.

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GCS Apprenticeship: A door to big career opportunities

Monday 27 January 2020

Sam Hutcherson discusses the exciting work he’s been involved in since joining the GCS Apprenticeship Scheme.

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What’s it like to be an Information Officer in the Government Communication Service?

Friday 24 January 2020

Lisa Goering discusses what it’s like to be an Information Officer in the GCS.

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GCS Standards in practice: Interview with Nicola Hudson

Thursday 23 January 2020

Nicola Hudson discusses how she has used GCS Standards in a leadership role.

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Delivering Excellence in Public Sector Communications

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Lester Posner and Anna Milne talk about the on-going GCS 2020 work to help government communicators make delivering excellence one of their daily habits.

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Work part-time or flexibly?

Thursday 9 January 2020

Find out more about the opportunities of flexible working.

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My summer as a GCS intern

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Final year university student Sophie Charlotte looks back on her summer internship with the Department for International Development (DFID).

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GCS Accelerate: One Year On

Monday 16 December 2019

Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications, marks the completion of one year since the launch of GCS Accelerate, the digital upskilling and culture change programme for government communicators.

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