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  • GCS Evaluation Cycle

    The GCS Evaluation Cycle provides a flexible framework for measuring success across all communication activities, promoting continuous learning and innovation […]

    Published: 2024

  • PITCH: Strategic communication as a tool of global influence

    The challenge “The most significant lesson of the last two years is not just that the world is a more […]

    Published: 2023

  • Inclusive Communications Template

    Inclusive Communications Template ObjectivesAudience Insight StrategyImplementationScoring GCS Accessibility Standards Resources and guidance Inclusive Communications Template As government communicators, we must […]

    Published: 2023

  • GCS Horizon Review 2023

    GCS Horizon Review into responsible innovation now available for members. Communication is changing fast. The landscape we operate in is […]

    Published: 2023

  • Crisis Communications: Operating Model

    Prepare. Respond. Recover. ForewordExecutive Summary Summary of Operating ModelPrepare: Strengthening our resilienceRespond: Crisis Comms Concept of OperationsRecover: Capability building Foreword by […]

    Published: 2023

  • The Wall of Beliefs

    The Wall of Beliefs is a toolkit for understanding false beliefs and developing effective counter-disinformation strategies.

    Published: 2022

  • Crisis communication: A behavioural approach

    For those who are new to crisis communications work, the guide aims to be accessible as an introduction.

    Published: 2022

  • Introduction to partnership marketing

    Definition, benefits and examples of partnership marketing.

    Published: 2022

  • RESIST 2 Counter Disinformation Toolkit

    This toolkit will help support governments and communicators to effectively reduce the impact of mis- and disinformation through strategic communications. […]

    Published: 2021

  • The Principles of Behaviour Change Communications

    This guide lays out how you can use a behavioural approach to design and implement effective communications campaigns.

    Published: 2021