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If you are a government communicator and if the organisation you work for is listed on GOV.UK, you are part of GCS, together with thousands of comms professionals in the UK.

You can access all the curriculum and guidance on this website as well as courses that are password protected. Ask your Development Advisor or Director of Communication’s office in your organisation or department for this password.

Those organisations not listed can still access valuable content on this website including professional guidance, news and blogs, plus some podcasts and webinars.

Open for nominations in 2022

Our Impact programme:

Nominations open between Monday 20 December 2021 and Monday 24 January 2022.

Information Officers and Senior Information Officers can apply


Our Inspire programme:

Nominations open between Wednesday 5 January and Wednesday 2 February 2022.

Senior GCS professionals (grade 6/7) can apply


Volunteering for the Government Communication Service (GCS) means getting access to opportunities to do a secondment, a loan or expression of interest.

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Share the work and success of your team. Each month, the creativity of government communicators and the impact of their work is celebrated, with our Campaign of the Month.

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We offer more than 200 learning resources via our curriculum and also partner with professional bodies.


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Aimed at GCS colleagues who are Grade 7 and above, this Monday update provides a brief for line managers to cascade to their teams, as well as leadership hot topics.

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