Inspire programme

Nominations open on 5 January

Nominations will open on 5 January until 2 February.

Nomination guidance and details to apply (password protected)

About the programme

For senior GCS professionals (grade 6/7)

Designed to accelerate the leadership development of high potential senior GCS professionals (grade 6/7), Inspire is an intensive blended development programme running over 15 months, leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Communication Leadership, with an option to continue to an MSc.

The programme aims to: 

  • develop exceptional communication leaders and practitioners 
  • build a strong talent pipeline for future senior communications roles

Programme format

The programme runs for 15 months and participants study towards a postgraduate diploma in Strategic Communication Leadership with our academic partner, the University of Huddersfield Business School. There is the option to continue to an MSc level degree.  Inspire also offers participants mentoring and coaching.

Who can apply

  • Applicants must be current government communicators working at Grade 7 and Grade 6 level
  • Applicants must have the aspiration to progress and take on key senior leadership roles within government communications
  • Applicants should be confident that they can dedicate enough time and energy to get the most out of their participation in the programmes and attend all the mandatory modules
  • Applicants must not be participants in any other government accelerated learning programme

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All nominations require Director of Communication sign off before submission.

Further guidance and materials will be available via Development Advisors and Directors of Communication or contact

Nominations are via a new two-stage approach:

  • an initial statement and an online interview
  • those successful at the initial statement stage, will then progress to the online video interview 
  • nominees will be assessed against Civil Service Success Profile behaviours and leadership expectations

Nominations will open on 5 January until 2 February.

Nomination guidance and details to apply (password protected)