Knowledge hub

Knowledge Hub is the community platform for all government communicators to share best practice, case studies and learn from each others’ experiences.

Its purpose is to provide communications experts across government with access to current and relevant research and resources that could be used to support and inform campaigns.

Benefits of joining

We encourage Government Communication Service (GCS) members to use Knowledge Hub to share valuable findings, exchange knowledge, announce events and upload useful tools and tips.

It also has some additional features including:

  • a public resources wiki to give you fast and easy access to a wide range of publicly available data sources,
  • an advanced membership tab, allowing users to connect with other users directly within the platform,
  • support and information on Government Communication Service (GCS)’s most advanced mapping platform, the GCS Mapper.

Hub content

There is also an extensive range of content on Knowledge Hub from our media buying agency Manning Gottlieb OMD. This includes:

  • Cross-government campaign case studies
  • PESTLE analysis (of the key factors: Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental)
  • Industry body reports and intel
  • Media landscape overviews
  • Media 101 introductions and channel learnings

PESTLE analysis

The Government’s media buyers Manning Gottlieb OMD (MG OMD) also publishes a monthly PESTLE analysis.

PESTLE analysis is a framework that provides a bird’s eye view of the wider UK environment from different angles. It provides context as to the external situation within which campaign communications will be live, and may be impacted by. PESTLE is a mnemonic device, or system, that stands for the key factors in the analysis:

  • political
  • economic
  • social
  • technological
  • legal
  • economic

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