GCS apprenticeship bids are open for 2024!

Bid deadline extended!
Please submit bids by completing this form by 1 March 2024.

The award-winning Government Communication Service (GCS) Apprenticeship offers a brilliant opportunity to learn while you earn. We aim to bring talented people into the GCS who have a strong interest in communications. 

This year 43% of our apprentices are based in regions other than London. This can make it easier for young people to stay in their local area and still have a clear career progression. 88% of the apprentices on the last round of the scheme were retained by GCS. This is in line with the GCS Locations Strategy. When placing your bids, consider if the role can be done outside of London, as long as you think enough support can be given to them throughout their role.

Hosting an apprentice is a rewarding experience for your whole team. You will not only be helping support the next generation of communications professionals, apprentices can also add real value by contributing exciting new ideas to a variety of projects.

Bids should be coordinated between directors, development advisers, and HR teams for each department, and the number of bids confirmed, before being submitted. Please submit bids by completing this form by Friday 23rd February 2024. 

Please submit any questions you have about the apprenticeship to gcs-apprenticeship@cabinetoffice.gov.uk.