GCS focuses on innovation with Project Spark!

The GCS Innovation Lab is launching Spark!, a Dragon’s Den-style opportunity for GCS members from across ALBs and central government departments to share their innovative ideas, sell them to a senior panel of ‘dragons’ and see them implemented across government. 

‘The fast pace of technological innovation is profoundly changing our world and opening up new opportunities for how we can deliver world-leading public communications. 

This rapid evolution within communication calls on us to adopt a culture of continuous improvement, embrace innovation and experimentation and learn from best practice.

The greatest advances will not be made by large change programmes driven from the centre, but by each GCS member feeling empowered to make small improvements every day …’

Simon Baugh, GCS Strategy

What is in scope?

Everything! Whether it’s existing innovative work which could be scaled across government or new improvements and ideas to drive government communications forward, we want to hear from you. Innovation in all its forms is welcomed, this includes not only the introduction of innovative new ideas, but also ideas which may simplify, save and reduce existing processes or approaches.

Winning submissions

The winning submissions will have the opportunity to see their ideas scaled up through the GCS Innovation Lab process – designed to accelerate innovative ideas through collaboration with specialists across government and in industry and academia, as well as senior GCS leaders. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside senior leaders to shape the future of government communications.

How do I apply?

Write a text, or produce a short film (no more than 5 minutes or 500 words), addressing the following criteria:

  • What is it?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Who does it solve a problem for?
  • How is the problem being solved today? 
  • Does it fit with GCS’s new objectives? 
  • What are the key risks? 
  • How large is the opportunity?

You submission:

  • must be accompanied with support from your Director of Communications
  • will initially be reviewed by the central GCS team at the Cabinet Office, with successful submissions asked to present in-person to the GCS ‘dragons’ in 70WH Conference Room A (date to be announced). The panel will include a diverse mix of industry experts and senior leaders from both GCS and the Cabinet Office.

Deadline: 29 July

Email your submission to gcs-innovation-lab@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

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