GCS Smart Targets Tool

The Media and Marketing Data (MMD) team at the Cabinet Office have launched a new tool to support planning, which allows cross-government users to easily access Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data from the GCS Benchmarking Database.

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The GCS SMART Targets Tool is now available for use across government, in time for the forthcoming Communications Single Budget (CSB) process. It is designed to support campaign teams in setting KPIs in the scoring and evaluation section of the CSB/Professional Assurance (PASS) form. It has the added benefit of providing evaluators with confidence that campaign KPIs are achievable and challenging.

The roll-out follows successful testing by the Central Campaigns team in the Cabinet Office, who used the tool to assess mid-year campaign evaluation returns against previous KPI performance.

Noel McGarrell, Data Strategist on the MMD team, says:

“We are delighted to be launching this tool for use across government, and look forward to campaign teams utilising it to effectively set KPIs and evaluate campaign performance.”

How to sign-up for the GCS Smart Targets Tool

Each campaign team can nominate one person to manage access to the tool. This nominated lead should email data.gcs@cabinetoffice.gov.uk to request login details.

If you have any problems accessing the tool when issued with your login credentials please use Google search to ascertain your IP address and send this to the email address above.

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