GCS launches new platform to deliver efficiency in government’s online advertising

The Government Communication Service (GCS) has launched the Custom Supply-Side Platform (cSSP) to deliver more efficient and transparent ‘digital display’ advertising online.

Developed in partnership with HM Government’s media buying agency OmniGOV at Manning Gottlieb OMD, the new offering is simplifying the digital advertising supply chain – enabling communications teams to track more easily where every penny of online advertising budget is spent, right through to delivery of the adverts on host websites. 

The cSSP works by:

  1. Negotiating custom partnerships with large premium websites.
  2. Employing dedicated agency staff to coordinate the right advertising space for the right government departments and clients.
  3. Using bespoke technology to track government advertising expenditure from media-buying agency to website. 

The new way of using these technologies will help government reach a larger proportion of the public about the issues that affect them, at no additional cost. A predicted 12% more government advertising impressions will land on publishing websites compared to current levels, enabling circa 228 million more ad impressions per year.

This innovative new tool forms part of government’s industry-leading approach to transforming the digital display advertising market. Through onboarding trustworthy and high-quality websites on to the cSSP, the online media landscape will be encouraged to adopt the highest quality and brand safety standards for their sites.

Executive Director of Government Communications Alex Aiken said:

“The ambitious new platform will create higher standards in government online advertising, with a real focus on outcomes. 

“It’s an impressive addition to our media buying partnership with OmniGov, which is built on the pillars of transparency and value for money – and demonstrates our commitment to becoming smarter clients.” 

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