Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM 2.0) published

The Government Communication Service (GCS) today published the ‘Modern Communications Operating Model: A blueprint for government communication (MCOM 2.0)’. The model sets out the fundamental disciplines and practices for effective public service communications.

“Launching the Modern Communications Operating Model (MCOM) in 2015, I asked the profession if it had the right structure for a modern communications function and the latest tools and guidance to effectively evaluate it.

“Since then, communications has changed dramatically, meaning our practices need to constantly evolve, anticipate and keep pace with technological change, while being audience-focused and demonstrating our effectiveness. 

“My challenge to government communicators is to use MCOM 2.0 and the Government Communication Functional Standard (GovS0.11) as tools to audit and assure your organisations’ practice, inform professional development, and act as a framework for reporting, sharing and celebrating our best practice.”

Alex Aitken, Executive Director of Government Communications

Read Modern Communications Operating Model: A blueprint for government communication (MCOM 2.0)

About MCOM 2.0

MCOM 2.0 is built around five disciplines with strategic communication at the core.

The five core disciplines are underpinned by professional practices that should be consistently applied by practitioners across all MCOM disciplines. Government communicators may have a primary specialism in one discipline but should develop capability in all core disciplines. 

As well as updating MCOM, the new model recognises more clearly that campaigning is an essential practice for all disciplines. It also acknowledges that there is no communications discipline that has not been and will not continue to be transformed by digital technology. All government communicators need a cultural and structural change in the way we approach digital and technology.

Finally, the new model includes case studies and further information on the functional standards.

Purpose of MCOM 2.0

MCOM 2.0 compliments the HM Government Functional Standard GovS011: Communication.

It is intended for all grades and provides a fundamental statement of the essential capabilities and practices of government communication. It is not a prescriptive model intended as an organisational structure (although organisations may structure teams around the model).

The two documents can be used together by all government communicators as tools to:

  • Ensure they have the right organisational structures and evaluation mechanisms in place
  • Audit and assure best practice
  • Inform professional development
  • Act as a framework for reporting, sharing and celebrating best practice.