Mentoring update

The GCS Professional Development Team has successfully matched hundreds of mentors and mentees, developing careers and encouraging cross-team networking.

Abstract image representing mentoring: a person climbing wooden blocks.

Matching mentees with mentors has in the past taken place every two months and requires significant time and resources from the GCS Professional Development Team. Since the beginning of 2020, GCS has matched more than 500 mentors and mentees.

While the initial phase of the Reshaping GCS programme takes shape, GCS has taken the decision to pause the next round of placements. This will allow the team to support colleagues in other ways, while GCS prepares for the next stage in its mission to continue providing world leading government communications.

The GCS Professional Development Team will continue to offer webinars, training and other learning opportunities, and will notify GCS colleagues once the mentoring programme is up and running again. Mentors and mentees who have already been matched should continue their meetings.

GCS would like to take the opportunity to thank all mentors who have taken part in the mentoring programme to date, offering their valuable time and experience to up and coming members of the government communications profession.

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