THINK! team’s award-winning campaign: Road Whisperer

Congratulations to the Department for Transport, THINK! Team for winning the Young Driver Media Campaign Award for the  ‘Road Whisperer’ campaign at the FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards!

The campaign targeted male drivers aged 17-24 who had recently passed their test, a group who are at high risk of being killed or seriously injured on the road.

Man sat in car with man staring at him behind
An example of the ‘Road Whisperers’ campaign imagery

The campaign achieved real impact – the number of 17-24 year-old new drivers who agreed they would take risks when in high-pressured driving situations fell by 5 percentage points and two-in-five 17-24 year-olds reported the campaign made them feel more confident when driving.  

Short campaign videos and GIFs received positive reactions from young male drivers on social media, with new drivers tagging their friends and sharing campaign content via Instagram stories. The campaign delivered an estimated reach of 79% against males aged 17-24, with high view-through rates on video on demand and social media.

A partnership with LADbible was the 2nd most watched campaign compared to all non-profit sector partnerships in the 90 days post-launch, with over 1.6 million views across all content.  

Well done to all involved:

  • Dawn Lauder
  • Neal Brown
  • Rayanne Ellis
  • Laura Kane
  • Rebecca Chapman
  • Varun Narayanan

Take a look at the Road Whisperer campaign in these videos  – Country Roads and Night Driving.

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  • THINK! team (1)