Executive Officer (EO) curriculum

Explore the GCS Curriculum for your grade. Access on-demand webinars, live courses, podcasts, guidance and reading lists to help build your personal development plan.

The resources are categorised by discipline and include learning that is mandatory for all government communicators.

Your feedback matters

We will update the GCS Curriculum regularly with new content, so revisit this page each time you review your Personal Development Plan (PDP).

What you need to do next

1. Get familiar with the different learning resources for your grade

Select what you think is most relevant to your role and development needs. The links under ‘In this section’ will take you to the resources for your discipline.

2. Check the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for each learning activity

Remember learning from curriculum content is only part of your learning and development (L&D). Most of your learning should be ‘on the job’ with the rest coming from relationships (for example, a mentor) or formal training. 

The CPD points are clearly labelled at the top of each page.

3. Fill in your PDP

Discuss your PDP with your line manager and review what you are learning with them on a regular basis.

Download and fill in your PDP (Word, 1 page, 35KB)