GCS Professional Standards

To build a world-class public communications profession, GCS staff commit to observing the highest standard of communications practice, professional development and ethics.

Standards imageThe purpose of the GCS is to deliver world-class public service communications that support ministers’ priorities, enable the efficient and effective operation of public services, and improve people’s lives. It is held to account for the implementation of the annual Government Communications Plan.

Government Communications Functional Standard GovS 0.11

Government Communications Functional Standard GovS0.11 is supported by extensive GCS guidance and resources. It sets the expectations for the management and practice of government communications, in order to deliver responsive and informative public service communications that support the effective delivery of HM Government policy and priorities, and assist with the effective operation of public services.

Government Functional Standard GovS 011: Communication (PDF 225KB).

The standard provides direction and guidance for:

  • permanent secretaries, directors general (and chief executive officers (CEO) of arm’s length bodies)
  • senior leadership and board members within organisations
  • those commissioning communications
  • communications leads within organisations
  • those involved in developing, managing and delivering communications
  • third parties engaged in government communications, including in partnership marketing

Previous publications

Under the GCS Improvement Programme, we previously published the GCS Professional Standards (PDF 163 KB).