Launch of PITCH: a strategic communication tool

The Government Communication Service (GCS) has published PITCH which is a strategic communications tool for those working in international communication. The PITCH document contains key doctrines that underpin the UK’s approach to public service communication. It builds on a decade of GCS best practice and the latest learnings from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Ministry of Defence.

The new strategic communication tool of global influence stands for: Partnerships, Insight, Trusted voices, Compelling content and Honestly, all of which will help us tell our story well and truthfully, shape the information environment and achieve policy objectives.

PITCH is primarily for UK Government officials who are responsible for international communications as it sets out the core components of a strategic communications approach for international audiences by combining traditional and innovative channels and tactics. However, the toolkit also aims to be an accessible introduction for strategic communications and is a helpful reference point to communicators with more experience.