Uniting the profession further: The IC Space merges with the GCS website

The Internal Communication (IC) Space website has now merged with the GCS website.

The IC Space has been a dedicated portal for internal communications professionals across government, hosting insightful articles and valuable resources.

All the content from The IC Space is now part of the GCS website in the internal communication section and the internal communication category for blogs and resources.

The GCS Website has been enhanced as a result and will continue to build on these resources with high quality editorial content, alongside developing the learning and development offer for the discipline through the new GCS Curriculum and GCS Academy.

Male hand flips wooden cubes and changes the word 'external' to 'internal'.

Russell Grossman, Director of Communications at the Office of Rail and Road and Head of UK Government Internal Communications Profession, commented:

“Through exceptional internal communications practice, government communications practitioners are often at the cutting edge of the discipline, supporting and enabling the achievement of government priorities.

“For many years, The IC Space has provided a natural home for hugely valuable and insightful articles and resources. The natural next step is to bring this over to the newly revamped GCS website, as we continue to build an even more united profession.”

The IC Space continues to be active on social media – GCS colleagues with an interest or specialism in internal communications are encouraged to join the conversation online through Twitter or LinkedIn