GCS Mentoring Programme

The GCS mentoring programme brings together communication specialists in a mentoring partnership.

Programme update: 13 December 2021

We ran the latest round of matching for the GCS Mentoring Programme on 7 June and we exceeded our goals and expectations in terms of a number of applications. We are delighted to have seen such a positive response.

Our mentoring programme is on pause.

We encourage you to find your own mentor or mentee and use our mentoring guidance to manage the relationship. You can also find out about Connecting Diverse Voices: a mutual mentoring programme.

Next steps after being matched

Once you are matched or if you already are a mentor or a mentee, use The mentor and mentee guide.

Completing the mentoring programme is 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPDpoints for each mentor and mentee as part of learning from relationships in the 70:20:10 model.

What is mentoring

Mentoring is ​the practice of helping and advising a less experienced person over a period of time, especially as part of a formal programme in a company or university.

GCS mentors are experienced communications professionals who have agreed to share their skills, knowledge and experience. They act as a guide and support to their mentee in a series of informal one-to-one discussions.

Mentees benefit from having an experienced person who takes the time to listen, explore and discuss specific development needs, be that career planning or expanding a personal network.

In turn, mentors are able to develop their leadership and communication skills through these mentoring partnerships.

The purpose of the GCS Mentoring Programme is to:

  • enable mutual learning and development to take place in supported one-to-one mentoring relationships
  • provide an opportunity for mentees to take responsibility for managing their own career development
  • build capability across the government communications profession

Watch the video (2 minutes) Ministry of Defense colleagues talk about what they think of the GCS mentoring scheme.

About our programme

In 2020, GCS has matched more than 500 mentors and mentees, and we know it has been hugely valued by both our mentees and mentors. The programme has been very successful, helping people build skills and plan their career development, since its launch in autumn 2012.


We are not accepting more applications at this time. 

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