Connecting Diverse Voices: a mutual mentoring programme

A cross-government mutual mentoring programme seeking to amplify the diversity of voices within the Government Communication Service (GCS) by partnering senior leaders with diverse colleagues. The programme is open to only GCS members.

Aims of the programme

Connecting Diverse Voices (CDV) is a mutual mentoring programme aiming to increase confidence across the GCS in championing all areas of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) by matching a senior leader with a volunteer who has knowledge or experience of important EDI topics. The senior leader, in turn, can offer guidance on leadership, career progression and development.

Although the programme mainly aims to facilitate conversations between partners, we also encourage participants to work towards a legacy project such as the soon-to-be-published Marathoner’s Toolkit, which brings Civil Service development programmes into one place to help existing diverse staff access programmes to help them progress professionally.

Why take part ?

Champions of the Connecting Diverse Voices mutual mentoring programme describe the aims of the programme and participants share what they learned and why they recommend taking part.

Watch the video about Connecting Diverse Voices, (1 minute 38). You can open the transcript once on YouTube.

Mutual mentoring

Mutual mentoring is a partnership where the volunteer helps the senior leader to develop self-confidence and knowledge of EDI. The senior leader, in turn, shares their experience and ideas, supporting the volunteer in their career development and passing on learnings.


The programme is open to all GCS members, regardless of background. Over 90 GCS leaders have signed up as mentors and sign-ups for mentees at AA-SEO are now open.

Our mentoring partners have discussed various areas of EDI, including:

  • job-shares
  • disability
  • LGBTQ+ ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)
  • Ethnic minority experiences
  • socio-economic backgrounds
  • regional staff
  • ageism
  • mental health
  • care leavers
  • gender
  • apprentices

Getting matched

Matches are made based on information provided in the joining survey. Senior leaders identify areas of equality, diversity and inclusion they know less about and, wherever possible, are matched with a volunteer that has the experience and/or expertise in one or more of those areas.

Duration and commitment

The programme duration for 2023 is 6 months.

The time commitment is an hour’s session with your partner once a month. Conversations can be face to face or via phone/video.


If you are interested in participating in the 2023 programme, or have any queries about the programme, get in touch: