Diversity and inclusion

Our ambition is that GCS becomes the global leader for diversity and inclusion in our profession.

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Our approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) 

This action plan builds on our last GCS D&I strategy, and highlights our ambition to be the most inclusive profession by setting standards through these 3 core themes:

  • An inclusive GCS
  • Delivering diversity in practice
  • A representative GCS

Following on from the publication of the 2017-2018 GCS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, we are redoubling our commitment to take positive action and make lasting change.  This includes ensuring that everyone in the GCS has the tools they need to attract, develop and promote great communicators from diverse and underrepresented groups. 

To maximise the benefits of our unique and diverse workforce the GCS must promote an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and consciously puts it at the centre of everything we do.

Poli Stuart-Lacey, GCS Diversity and Inclusion Champion and Director of Communications at HM Revenue and Customs:

“As a champion for diversity and inclusion within the GCS, my ask is that each and every one of us, from Directors and senior managers to new starters, takes the time to read and adopt this action plan, so that together we can design a profession we can be proud of and which will benefit from a diverse range of talent and equal opportunity.”

An inclusive GCS

Inclusive communication

We continue to support communications professionals’ awareness of inclusion.  We have:

Mental health and wellbeing

We continue to support communications professionals’ mental health and wellbeing. Since last year we have:

Delivering diversity in practice

Technology is critically important, especially when it comes to disability. We care about digital accessibility and we have:

We offer digital accessibility learning in the GCS Academy. We have:

  • delivered many live sessions, including at the Public Sector Communication Conference in 2020 and at Civil Service Live 2021
  • offered on-demand accessibility learning, with blogs, videos and guides, available to all
  • asked attendees if they require reasonable adjustments prior to our live events
  • started subtitling and offering transcript for our videos

A representative GCS

Mentoring: Connecting Diverse Voices

We encourage you to join the cross-government mutual mentoring programme seeking to amplify the diversity of voices within the GCS by partnering senior leaders with diverse colleagues.

A diverse and inclusive in the Civil Service

The Civil Service is at its best when it reflects the diversity of the country as a whole and is able to understand what the public needs. Find out more with the following resources: