Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our ambition is that GCS becomes the global leader for equality, diversity and inclusion in our profession.

The GCS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

As government communicators, it’s our responsibility to communicate the objectives and policies of the government to the public.

However, we’ll only communicate effectively with everyone when we draw on, and develop, talent from every community, and we’ll only be able to create truly innovative communications when everyone in our teams feels valued and encouraged to share their ideas.

That’s why we’re launching our GCS EDI Action Plan, with clear objectives to build a diverse GCS where everyone feels they belong and can flourish, and a GCS that understands every community it serves, communicating effectively with everyone.

Read our GCS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Resources for GCS Members

We believe that everyone should be able to achieve their best at the GCS, no matter your background or location. These resources are available to all GCS members to help you reach your potential:

The GCS Apprenticeship opens for applications in Spring of each year. The GCS Talent Programme Review is also underway, and will consider targeted interventions for those from underrepresented groups to support progression.

Resources for GCS Teams

Successful teams bring together people with different perspectives. Teams with diversity of thought and background are stronger, sharing ideas to spark collaboration and innovation. But this is only possible when everyone feels safe to share their views. The following resources can help you build inclusive teams and connect back into the local community.

Resources on creating inclusive communications

As government communicators, producing accessible, inclusive communications is essential to communicate effectively with our audiences. This means understanding what our audiences engage with and relate to, as well as creating comms everyone can access, so our content resonates with our audiences and builds authentic connections.